Touchpad Scroll Not Working

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Touchpad Scroll Not Working

The touchpad scroll is a useful feature in all laptops, and if you are facing the problem of touchpad scroll not working you should get down to fixing it as soon as possible. Read on, to learn more. If you find your laptop’s touchpad scroll not working, you may want to look into the matter sometime soon. This feature is designed to make scrolling easier for you, and on some occasions you may find that you cannot do without it. There are many possible reasons for touchpad scroll not working in laptop computers, and most of them can be traced back to software issues on your computer.

Touchpad抯 are very easy to use as all you have to do is move your finger around them to move the mouse pointer on the screen. The scrolling bars are located on the right margin of the touchpad (for vertical scrolling) and on the bottom margin (for horizontal scrolling), and these aid one in scrolling a web page. Using these touchpad scrolls one can scan the contents of a page easily, and it saves a lot of time as well. The purpose of these scrolling bars is exactly the same as that of the scrolled on an optical computer mouse. Due to all these reasons, it is no wonder that people get exasperated when they find that their touchpad scroll doesn’t work.

There are many issues that arise with computers on a regular basis, and the touchpad scroll not working is admittedly a much smaller concern than say a virus infection, a hard drive crash or the DVD drive not working. Nonetheless, the touchpad scroll is an important feature that has certainly made things a little easier.

Causes for Touchpad Scroll Not Working
As mentioned before, one of the main reasons for the scroll on touchpad not working can be found in the software of the computer. The drivers of the touchpad and the synaptic pointing devices occasionally get corrupted and this affects their functionality. These problems are caused due to some external malicious software (like a virus), or due to the star wars galaxy of heroes cheats hack tool improper installation of the synaptic pointing devices software. To fix the problem you need to reinstall these drivers, and you can locate these drivers on the official website of the laptop that you are using.

Their websites will also offer some troubleshooting tips and frequently asked questions about the touchpad scroll not working. You must go through them to get a better idea about why your touchpad scroll is not working properly. This is a very common problem with newly bought or freshly formatted laptops and more details the solution to this is quite simple to carry out. You can even try changing the sensitivity settings for the touchpad, as sometimes the sensitivity levels are set so low that the touchpad cannot detect the presence of a finger on it.

Many people have often found that by simply restarting the laptop the problem has vanished. You will be surprised at how many computer related problems can be solved by restarting the machine. Computers are prone to mistakes sometimes, and not carrying out a proper booting process upon being switched on, so by restarting it you are nullifying this possible cause if it is responsible for your problem.

Another way for you to fix this problem is by following the steps mentioned here.

?Go to ‘Control Panel’ from the share more content ‘Start’ menu.
?Go to ‘Hardware’ and then choose the ‘Mouse’ tab.
?Now select ‘Pointing Device Properties’ and then choose the ‘Device Settings’ tab.
?Now choose the ‘Virtual Scrolling’ option and then select the ‘Long Distance Scrolling’ tab.
?Now check all the boxes that you see there.
?Select ‘Scrolling Region’ and choose the areas that you wish to devote to the virtual scrolling.
These methods should fix your problem of touchpad scroll not working and make it function as good as new.

If your touchpad scroll stopped working, it’s possible that there’s a hardware problem as well. In order to fix this, you will need to visit the manufacturer that you bought the laptop from and ask them to repair it for you. This may cost you a fair amount of money if you have crossed your warranty period, but in this case the price you will have to pay will be worth it.

Getting technical assistance should be the last thing you try, and only if, you are certain that the problem is hardware related. Software problems can be fixed easily. Having your touchpad scroll not working is something that some people can live with, but if you are not one of those people, this article should prove useful to you.

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