Audit and Assurance

Audit and assurance have evolved as the key elements to adhere to in the increasingly demanding regulatory environment and continuous pressure from stakeholders for the need of greater transparency.

Our team has the technical expertise, knowledge and skills to provide high quality audit and assurance services, both on a single entity level and on a consolidated level, meeting the needs of any business.

Financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and audits are performed in accordance to International Standards of Auditing.

Our audit and assurance services include:

  • Statutory audits for single or consolidated financial statements for listed or non-listed companies registered in Cyprus and abroad;
  • Assurance reviews;
  • IFRS reporting;
  • Due diligence reports

Our company follows the Code of Ethics in each of its engagement. Our team of experts always perform their duties by taking into consideration all ethical values such as objectivity, professional behavior, confidentiality, integrity, professional competence and due care.

We make sure that our engagement team has the appropriate competencies and efficiently plans its workload as to be able to obtain and analyse all the necessary evidence as per the company’s quality standards before delivering the project to the client.

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